This Map of NORTH AMERICA according to ye newest and most exact oberservations...

Herman Moll


This map of North America according to ye newest and most exact observations is most humbly dedicated by your Lordship's most humble servant Hermon Moll also know as Moll's "Codfish Map" of North America

Wonderful map of North America showing California as an island. Lovely cartouche in upper left corner with men fishing and preparing cod in Newfoundland directly below it. Bottom left corner shows the ports of St. John's harbor, Boston Harbor, New York harbor, Charles Town (Charleston) harbor, Port Royal harbor, The bay and city of Havana, The bay of Pto Bella, La Vera Cruz, Cartagena harbor and ports, and the Port of Acapulco.



Published: London 1727


Paper Size: 24 1/2 by 38 inches

Condition: Poor

  • Price: $2,500.00 { What determines value? }

    Many factors go into pricing a print; rarity, desirability, artist, condition, age, and the history of former sales prices.

    “Weeds & Roses” A good analogy for how the pricing of a print is determined from desirability is my description of "Weeds and Roses". It actually works with a number of publications from Audubons to Atlases. 

    O.K., let's take a complete first edition set of Audubon's Birds of America- 435 Plates, printed by Robert Havell. The Wild Turkey & The Flamingo will be the “Roses”, they are the major plates. These images are usually more desirable making them the most expensive, in upwards of $200,000.

    The Song Birds or "Tweety" birds are the minor plates, or "Weeds". These images are usually less desirable making them less expensive, as low as $2,000.

    However, not everyone prefers roses over weeds. Just because one is more expensive does not mean it is more beautiful to you. Art is a personal preference and you should always go with what stands out to you :)