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In putting together this web site; I had planned to be a bit nerdy and put together a sort of Scrap-book of all the various materials and clippings that I’ve been compiling for years. In the past when time permitted or when things were slow to I tried photocopying articles and the like and then mailing them to customers who had bought pieces from me. The extra information is always so welcome and it is nice to have to be able to learn more about what they have and understandably, I always get good feedback. It seems I get so busy as of lately, I am behind in doing the unexpected and regret getting the positive feedback. I hope these links and scraps will help you in your search.

Artist Biographies

Audubon 101

Books of Reference

Cabbage Row - Catfish Row

Glossary of Printmaking Terms

Conservation Framing


Glossary of Map Words