Libraries and Institutions

The American Philosophical Society website Catalogue of Maps

The Rodger Baskes Collection of Maps and Atlases held at The Newberry Library in Chicago.

The British Library -Turning the Pages, a wonderful new link showing some of the world's most important books. You need a high speed connection but more than worth the visit. It has Leonardo da Vinci's note book, Mozart's Musical Diary as well as a numbr of very early printed books.

Library of Congress Online Catalogue worlds largest online collection of Prints & Maps

The Missouri Botanical Garden has over 139 titles Botanical Books on line for viewing. Botanicus Digital Library

Mussee de la Civilisation in Quebec has the most wonderful site on Audubon's Birds of America

Ornithological Books Online This site contains a list of links to on-line books in various formats, concerning birds and ornithology.

Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Picturing Words: The Power of Book Illustration

Royal Geographical Society The collection contains one of the worlds largest collections of over 2 million maps, photographs and documents.

The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection has over 14,800 maps on line, focusing on rare 18th and 19th Century North and South American maps.

The Robert C Williams Watermark Collection at Georga Tech I’ve been to see the exhibit in Atlanta and this site gives great examples of watermarks.

University of Wisconsin Digital Library for the Decorative Arts and Material Culture
In Madison, Has a huge collection of Decorative texts on line. Image and Text Collection The collection includes Mark Catesby's History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands and George Edward's, Gleanings of Natural History, more more than worth a visit.

True Craft-

Kevin Bruce Parent Wonderful hand colored, black and white photographs by my good friend.

Pumpkin Town Primitives David Gillespie- Stonecutter and Renee Gillespie- Smoking Flax Fibers Farm, specializing in hand spun yarn and Alpaca fibers.

The Printery -A private press offering books, booklets and broadsides.


Talas source for the finest in professional, conservation, preservation and restoration supplies since 1962.

Light Impressions, A resorce for Archival Supplies and Storage Solutions.

Craft World Tours If you have spent any time talking with me and know my LOVE of travel you have heard me talk of these people. I have been on three of their trips so far and did had a grand time traveling with them.