• Herman Moll


    A native of Holland, Moll moved to England sometime before 1682. He set up shop in London as a bookseller and map engraver. After the turn of the century he became the premier map publisher in England and soon was an open and effective propagandist for British claims to North America. Moll's bold cartographic style included much detail, and he produced a wide range of maps from miniature to very large, decorated maps with inset plans and illustrations. Much of his work was copied by other publishers. 

    List of publications:

    Atlas Geographus: or a compleat System of Geograghy;1711-1717. - 5 volumes published in 4to, approx 109 engraved maps.

    Geographia classica: A Geography of the Ancients... in 29 maps of the Old World. Published London 1712. (? first edition) second edition 1717.

    A New Description of England and Whales. Published London 1727(first edition) . Folio, 50 engraved maps, a few folding , letterpress text, woodcut headpieces, a few engraved illustrations. Maps are partly based on those of Morden, but differ in the vignettes showing coins, fossils, statues, and so on. 

    The World Described; or A New and Correct Sett of Maps.Published London by John Bowles in 1717 Tall narrow folio, 30 large double page maps of all parts of the world.first published in 1717 the atlas was published thru 1763 and corrections were made to the various maps as orders were taken.