• James Jenkins

    Published the Naval Achievements of Great Britan from the years 1793- 1817 London: printed for J. Jenkins No. 48 Strand. By L Harrison. #73 Strand. engravings by W. Bartlett, T Southerland, J. Bailey

    The Volume included 55 hand-coloured aquatint plates a record of all the major British naval victories of the period, including the very rare portraits of Nelson and St. Vincent. The intention of this fine work was to call the public to the attention of the British Navy, and to the victories and achievements they had accomplished.

    In the introduction to the volume it says” .. If we look back at .. they appear to bear the stamp of romance, rather than any thing which could have occurred in the ordinary transactions of human affairs: but now that we again enjoy the blessings of peace, the nation will be enabled justly to appreciate the solid and permanent advantages which have resulted from the invincible bravery of our seamen”.
    Each Naval view was represented by at least one illustration which included details of the events leading up to the engagement, a description of the plate, part of the commanding officer's report and some details of the ships involved and the injuries sustained by both sides. In the case of major battles (The Nile and Trafalgar) more details were described.