• Johann Baptist Homann


    Born in Nuremberg in Southern Germany . Homann founded a map publishing company In 1702 , he established himself and his family as perhaps the most famousGerman map publishers of the eighteenth century. He built up a stock of atlas plates and sold maps at lower prices than the French or the Dutch, who had until then dominated the market. In 1715 Homann was rewarded for his service with an appointment as geographer to the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. At the end of 2000 during inventory work at the Austrian State Archives in Vienna, a document concerning the appointment of Johann Baptist Homann as the imperial geographer was found. Included in the document was the corresponding petition by Homann to Emperor Charles VI. Homann's Heirs After Johann Baptist Homann's death company was continued by his son, Christoph (1703-30) and other heirs under the name Homann's Erben (Homann's Heirs).