• William Faden


    William Faden was an English cartographer and map publisher He was associated with the important map publisher, Thomas Jefferys. In 1771 after Jefferys' death, Faden became Geographer to His Majesty and the Prince of Wales. It was in Faden's workshop that the first sheets of the maps of the Ordnance Survey were engraved at the end of the eighteenth century. Faden's catalog of 1822 lists over 350 publications, including maps, globes, city and military plans and atlases. His most valuable publication is his North American Atlas. 
    The North American Atlas dated 1776, contains thirty-nine maps, several of which are Revolutionary battle plans, some showing troop movemen although the maps date from 1770 to 1780. 

    It was not Faden's practice to publish atlases with a printed title page or table of contents, although the latter was usually added in manuscript. Instead his atlases were made up of collections of maps, both his own and others, to suit the collector's requirements

    Some of his publications-

    • General Atlas, London, 1796. Folio, 47 engraved maps.
    • Atlas minimus universalis, or Geogrraphical Abridgement, Ancient and Modern, of the Several Parts of the Earth, in Fifty-Five maps; London, 1798. Small oblong 8vo, 55 double page engraved maps.
    • Le Petit Nptune francais: or, French Coasting Pilot, for the Coast of Flanders, Channel, Bay of Biscay, and Mediterranean, to which id Aded the Coast of Italy from the River Var to Orbitello: with the Gulf of Nples and the Island of Corsica. London 1793. 4to, 39 folding engraved charts.
    • Map of North America from 20 to 80 Degrees North Latitude, Exhibiting the recent Discoveries, Geographical and Nautical. London 1820. Engraved map printed on six sheets
    • The North American Atlas, London, 1776. 39 engraved maps. 
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