• Abbé Laurent Berlese


    The Abbé Berlèse was an Italian priest, born at Campo Molino, near Treviso, north Italy, who went to Paris as a chaplain.

    He there became very interested in camellias, brought together a large collection of the living plants, studied them carefully and described them in detail, this work being the most important of his publications. He sold his collection in 1846 and returned to Italy' (W.T. Stearn, Society of Herbalists, An exhibition of flower books from the library, London 1953 n. 62). The highly finished plates were drawn by J.J. Jung from the varieties growing in the gardens and hothouses of Berlèse, engraved by Duménil, Gabriel and Oudet and printed by N. Rémond. Nissen BBI; Dunthorne 30; Great Flower Books, p. 50. Iconographie du genre Camellia