• Antiquarian Threads

    Inspiration comes from many sources. I have spent my life in constant overwhelming wonder of of our natural history, wanderlust, culture, art, history.great literature, and the pure line of an engraving...the gleam of silver and gold....and true craft. They all seem to tie back together in the big picture and I can't wait for you to see it. 

    I am working on a line of jewelry pieces combining all of these. I can see many directions my art can take me and I guess it might surprise and delight most of the galleries followers.

    The line encompasses a few different collections. 

    Compass Rose a collection of pieces made from the beautiful compass roses found on maps & charts, both colorful and graphic.

    Botanica A selection of botanical images and images from cultivation.

    Historie Naturelle My never ending love of nature in all its glory.

    Home a group of maps of where we are "frum" or where we spent our childhood, Many pieces are grouped with found objects and the like. What brings you back to Home.

    Wanderlust a collection of things collected from my travels and yours.