• Eleazar Albin

    was an English naturalist and illustrator.

    Albin wrote a number of books including

    A Natural History of English Insects (1720), 
    A Natural History of Birds (1731-38) 

    These two volumes contain 306 hand coloured engravings by Eleazar Albin (fl. 1713-1759) and his daughter Elizabeth Albin. In Albin's notes to the reader he states "As for the paintings, they are all done from the life, with all the Exactness I could either with my own hand, or my daughters, whom I have taught to draw and paint after the life." The list of subscribers at the start of the volume shows this to have been a popular volume, with almost 100 subscribers. The work contains full descriptions of birds, accompanied by brightly hand coloured engravings.

    The Natural History of Spiders and other Curious Insects (1736).